Windows Tablets( Items)

    Tablets are book-sized PCs that operate without keyboards (some offer keyboards and while some offer pointing devices known as Pens/Stylus). Tablets operate like smartphones but with larger screens and work the same way as a laptop with the only difference being they have a small ROM compared to laptops.

    Windows Tablets are Tablets that use Windows as the Operating System (OS). Windows Tablets act the same way as computers that operate with Windows.

    Microsoft has its own tablets known as Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets. Note: Windows is an operating system produced by Microsoft. Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets are the top of the line when it comes to Windows Operating Tablets.

    Winpads are Windows Operating Tablets produced by Tecno. Tecno Winpads are affordable Tablets good for everyday use.
    Matebooks are Windows Tablets produced by Huawei. Huawei Matebooks Tablets are good and ideal for everyday use.